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Dec 07, 2018 UK

Easier Expansion Starts With These 4 Questions

Before senior HR, legal and finance leaders map out expansion moves, they are wise to first start by answering four basic questions. While these will eventually be addressed in-depth with the right expansion service partner, early discussion of these issues will improve expansion efficiency and help companies capture new market opportunities more rapidly. When the […]

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Nov 12, 2018 UK

Not so fast! A Quick Look at US Expansion Challenges for UK-based Businesses

Growing UK businesses are quick to eye expansion to the United States. It’s famously referred to as “The Land of Opportunity”  – and for good reason. Boasting a population of over 300 million and a world-leading GDP of $20 trillion (nearly 70% higher than China), the country is highly industrialised, a top importer and exporter […]

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Nov 06, 2018 News

Don’t Overlook What’s Right Under Your Nose: How Your Peers Can Help Power Expansion Success

Through our work with companies pursuing ambitious expansion initiatives, we’ve recognized a simple yet vital best practice shared by the most successful ones: a commitment to understanding the challenges and common missteps of expansion before ever even starting. And while every international growth plan is unique, this practice delivers a competitive boost. It’s an overlooked form of […]

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Oct 05, 2018

Two Expansion Myths Worth Debunking

As Blueback Global’s Director of Sales in EMEA, I generally have two types of conversations with new prospects. In the first, a company has identified a compelling commercial opportunity internationally and needs to expand now to capitalise on it. In the second, the company has already started executing an expansion campaign on their own. They […]

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